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Bartending with enigma

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Enigma Institute of Beverage Education


Learning to be a bartender isn't just about learning how to make more drinks than you can count; it's about learning the art and science of mixology. It's about understanding the chemical and physical changes that affect every ingredient in your drink, including carbonation, and even ethanol—and how they react with one another.


It is also about mastering the techniques needed to balance all of these ingredients while preparing them in different ways through infusions, muddling, shakes, stirs, and other techniques. We understand this at Enigma Institute of Beverage Education, which is why we offer an intensive bartending course that goes beyond memorizing simple drink recipes.


Our students learn skills such as making reductions or purees on their own, distilling elixirs like bitters or shrubs, creating spherifications, and other molecular gastronomy effects like foams or gels for food garnishes when there are no fresh fruit options available for drinks on hand.


Plus, we'll teach you how all of these principles apply not only behind bars but also out front-of-house too!


Showcase Your Flair and Creativity at Enigma 


If you're looking for the best institute for bartending courses in Nagpur, or even India, look no further than Enigma Institute of Beverage Education. Our instructors are some of the most experienced and qualified experts in the field. They will be able to guide you through all aspects of bartending, including:


  • Mixing drinks using all kinds of ingredients and tools

  • Stocking your bar with appropriate supplies and organizing them efficiently

  • Troubleshooting problems on the job, including bad batches or ingredients


Enigma Institute of Beverage Education offers you several other facilities like accommodation facility near campus, free refreshments. Affordable EMI payment options, medical assistance during emergency cases, free mixology kits, flexible class timings,  etc., which makes us the best institute for bartending courses in Nagpur.


Bartending as a Lucrative Career Opportunity 


Bartending has become an exciting and lucrative career in the past few years. Bartenders are highly sought after, especially places  that want to attract customers with a fun atmosphere.


There is also a lot of networking potential that can be gained from bartending as well, which makes it a great way to make connections and find new jobs. The training at Enigma Institute of Beverage Education will give you all the skills you need to become one of these sought-after bartenders!

Our Mission

Our Mission:

There is lots of myth going around about bartending and beverage industry “YES” u guessed it right we are here to breaking myths. Our mission is the providing the opportunity for our students to realize there dreams through a quality educative environment. Our approach ensure that students are given personalized assistance to achieve there best for succesfull future

Why Choose Enigma?

Enigma Institute of Beverage Education is an industry-leading education provider that provides intensive training in Bartending, Mixology, and Bar Management. We provide this training under the guidance of our team comprising of renowned professionals from the field of hospitality, who have decades of experience in teaching, training, and running bars across India and abroad.


Our faculty members are also certified trainers to various international certification bodies such as Cape Wine Academy and WSET Awards, etc., which gives them a unique advantage over other institutes in terms of quality curriculum design, course content, and knowledge sharing experience through their own individual experiences.


Our courses are designed keeping in mind the needs & demands of today’s world where students have multiple options at hand but not enough time on hand! To keep up with these changing times and demands, we have designed a course structure that enables students to complete their courses quicker without sacrificing quality or quantity and giving them ample time for internship opportunities during breaks between semesters.

Our Team 

Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated people who are committed to offering you the best experience. We are a team of bartenders, mixologists, and hospitality experts. Our instructors have years of experience in the industry, so we understand how important it is for them to be able to relate to students on a personal level. They all want you to succeed, but more importantly, they want your experience at Enigma Institute of Beverage Education to be enjoyable.

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