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diploma In Beverage


  •  Our 1 year international bartending course is broken into 5 core modules. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and confidence to work behind any bar anywhere in the world and it will look like you have been doing for years even if you are a complete beginner.

Module 1
  •  Basic beverage and alcohol awareness

  •  Basic beverage and bar types

  •  An introduction towards bar equipment

  •  Basic principles of bar and operation bar preparing procedures

  •  Alcohol recognition and identification of spirits

  •  Procedure and documentation of bar establishment

Module 2:
  •  Art of Flair and their types

  •  Introduction of flair and where it came from

  •  Types of flair (Exhibition flair, Work Flair, Fire flair, Competition flair)

  •  Different types of rolls and moves for icing the tin shaker

  •  Stalls and bumps, snatch and catch and much more

  •  Flair with multiple objects 1 tin 1 btl 1 tin 2 btl, 2bt ,3btl Bar spoon, Napkins and jigger tricks

  •  Stylish free pouring techniques

Module 3: Spirit & wine theory
  •  How alcohol is made where it came from and what separates the top premium brand from the cheap stuff we will discuss in brief

  •  Basics of beer & beer pouring their types and how to maintain a draft beer system

  •  Different types of whisky and their region

  •  Classification of spirit and their history

  •  Liqueurs add life flavour and texture to your cocktails, We will learn how different liqueur plays their important role

  •  All about wine its region and grape varietals. Learn the correct way to open and serve

  •  Seasons of the vine: How to establish vineyards, Pests and diseases, wine growing regions

  •  From arrival at the cellar to the final product, the Art of blending, Wood treatments, Innovations in winemaking

  •  Different style Brandy complimenting cigar but how? We will discuss this in detail

  •  Brandy distillation, Process of production

  •  Sake

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