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Intermediate & Advance With Molecular Mixology

Extreme Enigmatic
Our 24-week international bartending course is broken into 5 core module. By the end of course you'll have the skills and confidence to work behind any bar anywhere in the world and it will look like you have been doing from years even if you are complete beginner.

Module 1:
Basic of beverage and alcohol awareness

 Basic of beverage and bar types

 Introduction towards bar equipment

 Basic principles of bar and operation bar preparing procedures

 Alcohol recognition and identification of spirits

 Procedure and documentation of bar establishment

Module 2:
Art of Flair and there types

 Introduction of flair and where it came from

 Types of flair (Exhibition flair, Work Flair, Fire flair, Competition flair)

 Different types of rolls and moves for icing the tin shaker

 Stalls and bumps, snatch and catch and much more

 Flair with multiple objects 1 tin 1 btl 1 tin 2 btl, 2bt ,3btl Bar spoon, Napkins and jigger tricks

 Stylish free pouring techniques.

Module 3:

Spirit & wine theory
How alcohol is made where it came from and what separates the top premium brand from the cheap stuff we will discuss in brief

 Basics of beer & beer pouring their types and how to maintain a draft beer system

 Different type of whisky and their region

 Classification of spirit and their history

 Liqueurs add life flavour and texture to your cocktails ,We will learn how different liqueur plays their important role

 All about wine their region and grape varietals. Learn the correct way to open and serve

Seasons of the vine: How to establish a vineyards, Pests and diseases, wine growing regions

From arrival at the cellar to the final product, Art of blending, Wood treatments, Innovations in winemaking

 Different style Brandy complimenting cigar but how? We will discuss in detail

 Brandy distillation, Process of production


Module 4:
More than 100 + cocktails will be taught

 Mixology methods and identifying where to applicable it

 Customer love modifying orders we will teach you the

 Do's and don'ts

 Flaunting with garnishes and how to prepare them

 Efficient pouring techniques to make multiple drink at a time

 Master stirring, shaking, mixing, double straining glass frosting spice rimming and floats

 Responsible Alcohol service Discussion

Module 5: Molecular Mixology
Molecular mixology is one of the hottest trends within the world of cocktails. It involves experimenting with the science of cocktails to create new and interesting flavours and textures.

Some consider traditional layered cocktails the first example of molecular mixology. Things have progressed since the cocktail was invented, with purveyors of the art creating increasingly innovative beverages for delighted guests. Our talented mixologists use scientific equipment to create consumable airs, gels, jellies, sorbets and foams, each of which is as delicious as it is intriguing. Techniques like smoking, vacuum packing and spherification make popular demonstrations, and it's even possible to infuse drinks with the flavour of non-edible substances. Molecular mixology is all about creating a dramatic spectacle and new experiences which leave a lasting impression. Guests at parties or events are captivated by the beverages, and professional demonstrations are unforgettable. We make it easy to leave a lasting impression.


Emulsification – AIRS & forms

Exotic ice cubes


Infusion & smoking


Enigma Additional module :
Inventory filling various FLR and Gateway register

 Grooming standards and steps to improvising Personality

 Good communication is always a cherry on top

 Bar tricks and Tipping strategy

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